Designed to minimize vibration, preventing long term abrasion.

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Power inlet
   IEC C14 type
   Ratings UL/CSA 15A/250VAC, 60Hz
   Ratings IEC 10A/250VAC, 50Hz
Internal component
   8 AWG(200A) stranded tinned copper wire
   Special designed passive sound enhancer for high-end audio power lines
Power outlet
  Dust, splashed water protected(IP54) outlet x 6
   SCHUKO type outlet : 16A/250VAC
   USA, CANADA type outlet : 15A/125VAC
   British type outlet : 13A/250VAC
   Optional other type outlet available
Operating environment
   Operating temperature : 0 ~ +60℃
   Storage temperature : 0 ~ +60℃
   Operating & storage humidity : 10% ~ 90%
   106 x 75 x 526(mm)
  1.7 kg >

It cannot be emphasized enough how important quality power is in high end audio systems. The noise generated by other digital devices in your home can be a major factor in raising the pitch of sound, degrading textures of instrumentals, and causing low frequencies to clump together.

The prevalence of digital technology in our homes is often under-estimated — high-end audio systems are surrounded by huge amounts of noise emitted by our everyday digital devices.

SOtM uses its innovative technology to block and/or reduce this noise to achieve the best sound quality for your audio, and has now introduced the mT-1000 which uses technology not seen in many power strip units.

The mT-1000 uses a unique noise reduction technique — a specially-shaped filter block installed around the power line. Because this technique does not add filters in the middle of the power line, it does not hinder the details and dynamics of the music. Instead it works with your system to deliver the natural texture and live sound of your music.

Small, adjustable, spiked footings on the mT-1000 are also designed to minimize vibration, preventing long term abrasion.

The mT-1000’s superb, intelligent design — made of high-grade aluminum — will help complete your high-end audio system upgrade. The mT-1000 is an integral device for any digital audio system and will increase the musical nuances in your listening experience.

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